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    Explore what makes Cargill unique

    For more than 150 years, we’ve been helping people be successful. To show how, we’ve gathered stories of our work in action. Explore this collection of stories that reflect on our achievements – big and small, global and local – with our many stakeholders.

    Farmer Education

    In India, Cargill's dairy farmer education program provides subsistence farmers in rural Punjab the opportunity to thrive by improving their farming practices resulting in better, more sustainable products, improved personal income and improved well-being.

    Guandy Candy Company

    28 years ago, two Cargill salesmen took a chance on a small, one-woman marshmallow stand in Guatemala. Today, her daughter oversees a candy empire.

    Tata Power

    Tata Power and Cargill have partnered to develop an  innovative transformer product, FR3, helping Tata realize improved sustainability, improved safety and cost savings across India.

    Cargill Kitchens

    Through a partnership with the Minister of Education in Honduras, the Cargill Kitchens project has resulted in greater food security, improved nutrition and increased attendance at nearly 40 schools across Honduras.

    Pedro's Story

    Two generations of new Americans realizing a better life through opportunities at Cargill.

    Ferrara Candy Company

    The partnership between Cargill and Ferrara has led to greater success for the candy company.

    Greenslit Farm

    Meet a 5th generation Minnesota-based farm family who leverages the support of Cargill AgHorizon's farm marketers to be more successful.

    Indonesian schools

    Long-time Cargill leader Gerrit has impacted local schools globally, raising money with co-workers through marathons. His work has allowed local schools and communities to not only exist but thrive.

    Learning Journeys

    Cargill brings thrive to life through global leadership. Profiles of stakeholder gatherings in Africa and China.