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    Frequently Asked Questions about our supplier diversity efforts

    I am a Global Diverse Supplier (51% woman or minority owned). Can I still register as Diverse Supplier in your portal?

    Yes you can register. Cargill looks for diverse opportunities in the US and other parts of the world. Note today we recognize WeConnect International as our international partner for Women Owned Businesses.

    When will I be contacted?

    After all steps are completed, you will receive an e-mail acknowledging that you have completed the registration process and have been added to our diverse supplier database. No further contact will be provided to confirm completed registration.

    How can I update my information?

    Once you are registered, you can log onto at any time.

    I’ve registered… Now what?

    Acceptance into our supplier diversity registration does not guarantee business or opportunity. Cargill will use the database to search for potential suppliers on an as-needed basis. We encourage all suppliers to learn as much about Cargill and our many businesses as possible.

    What do I do with an Invitation to Register?

    If you receive an invitation to registration, make sure that you complete the registration via the registration email ONLY.

    How long will my registration be valid?

    A valid, up-to-date certification is required to participate in our system. It is up to you to keep the certification valid.

    How does Cargill’s Supplier Diversity team work within Cargill’s procurement process?

    The Supplier Diversity team advocates and supports diverse suppliers from within. Through attending events where diverse suppliers and certifying organizations are invited, Supplier Diversity helps identify suppliers and begins developing the relationship in anticipation of future procurement opportunities.

    What if I have registered but have not been contacted for an opportunity?

    Registration does not guarantee business; however, as long as your company has quality products and services that could meet our needs, following this process increases the likelihood of your business being considered by our procurement professionals.

    What if I am not a diverse supplier?

    In order to work with Cargill’s Tier 1 supplier diversity program, it is encouraged that you are a certified diverse supplier; however, if you are a high-quality supplier with well-developed diverse suppliers in your own supply chain, you may qualify through our Tier 2 program.

    What is a Tier 2 program?

    We maximize and multiply diversity within our supply chain through our Tier 2 program. A Tier 2 supplier is the company that provides Cargill’s Tier 1 (Prime) supplier with products or services that will be provided to the end user. The Tier 2 company’s service or product does not have to be sold directly to Cargill for the spend to be counted in Cargill’s Tier 2 program.

    I have a question about the Supplier Gateway that isn’t answered here.

    Additional FAQs related to specific portal issues such as user IDs, passwords and more . Please fill out this inquiry for any other questions or concerns not previously addressed.

    Diverse Supplier Registration Opportunity Portal

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