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    Sustainability Priorities

    Developing scalable solutions that nourish the world while protecting the planet 

    Cargill’s purpose is to be the leader in nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Our position within the global food system provides both the opportunity and the responsibility to create lasting change. We are working at the intersection of sustainability, food security and nutrition to find practical and scalable solutions.

    Helping farmers thrive

    Farmers are resilient entrepreneurs working in an increasingly resource-constrained world. We believe technology and innovation are essential to ensure food security for a growing global population. Helping agriculture produce more with less is critical. So is moving food from places of abundance to places of scarcity. We advocate for the right crops to be grown in the most productive places to improve food security for all. When farmers thrive, we all succeed.

    Our priorities

    We are focusing on areas where we believe our size and market presence can help make a significant impact: land use, climate change, water resources, farmer livelihoods, food security and nutrition.

    Land Use

    We help protect forests and promote sustainable agriculture. We are transforming our agricultural supply chains to be deforestation-free by 2030.

    Climate Change

    We are reducing our impact while helping growers prepare for a changing climate.

    Water Resources

    We promote access to clean water in communities where we live and work. We conserve and improve water quality within our operations and across our supply chains. 

    Farmer Livelihoods

    We partner with farmers to share best practices and strengthen farming communities.

    Food Security

    We focus on increasing productivity and market access to nourish a growing global population. 


    We are focused every day on ensuring that people have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food. 

    Building trust

    We aim to be the most trusted source of sustainable products and services for our customers. To earn that trust, we are working to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits across our value chains. We believe the private sector has an important role to play in finding solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we partner with farmers, government, industry groups, customers and consumers to make the future of food more sustainable.


    Working with farmers around the world to create a more sustainable, food-secure future

    Cargill is working in countries around the world to improve farmer livelihoods


    Progressing from palm oil traceability to a more sustainable future

    Cargill recaps its accomplishments from 2015 in regards to progress towards 100% traceability in palm and outlines its sustainable palm implementation plan for 2016.